If you are considering becoming a caregiver for Restoring Hope, LLC, some questions frequently asked are listed here. 

Who is Restoring Hope, LLC?

We are a contracted agency through the Missouri Department of Mental Health that provides residential services to persons with developmental disabilities. We also provide contract specific services with Children’s Division of the Department of Social Services.


Is this a Foster Program?

This is not a traditional foster program as known by the Department of Social Services. We provide a substantial salary with benefits, as well as a room & board stipend. We also provide many supports to both the families and the individuals.


Is the support family responsible for medical expenses?

No. All individuals we support receive Medicaid and/or Medicare to meet all of their medical needs. In addition, all of the individual’s personal needs (clothing, furniture, etc.) is provided through a consumer fund, and the families are not responsible for those costs.


What requirements must I meet to become a support family?

An employee must have at a minimum a high school diploma or GED. In addition, they will be trained in 1st aid/CPR, medication administration, background checks (including criminal), and other consumer specific training.


What are the age ranges of someone I might support in my home?

The ages can range from a small child to an elderly individual.


How do you determine who lives with me?

We know the history, likes/dislikes, personality, etc. of the individual we will be providing services to. We try to match all of their characteristics with a family of similar make-up. We provide non-committing visits for you to meet the individual to determine if you BOTH want to attempt the placement.


What are the requirements for my house?

The foremost requirement is a safe and healthy environment. In addition, the individual you support in your home will need their own bedroom. We will do pre-employment home checks to determine if your house meets DMH’s approval. We have a check-list of things we look for during our inspection.


Who do I directly report to?

You will have direct communications with your Regional Program Manager, who works for Restoring Hope, LLC. In addition, you will have an open communication with the owners/administrators.


Am I on my own? Who supports me in time of need?

Each family will have at a minimum, weekly visits by the Regional Program Manager from Restoring Hope, LLC. They will also be on-call for emergencies, crisis, or even when you just need some encouragement. In no way do we want you to ever feel you are alone. In addition, you will receive monthly visits from the RN Consultant for vitals, med checks, Dr. order reviews, etc. DMH’s service coordinator will provide a minimum of monthly supports, as well as CD’s case manager.


What if this doesn’t work out?

We hope and pray when you decide to work for Restoring Hope, LLC, that you feel called to do this; however, we realize that often people “think” they want to do this and it really isn’t their calling. We would like to have some notice that you are no longer interested in working, so we can have ample time to find another support family. We hold no grudges and will wish you the very best if you chose to no longer be a support family.