“I am so grateful for Restoring Hope and the difference they are making in my daughter’s life.  My daughter, Becky, has always been a handful and has had plenty of ups and downs with her staff. After much searching for a new agency to serve my daughter (and many prayers), my service coordinator learned about Restoring Hope and shared with me the concept of a “host home”. I was a little uneasy of the concept of a “host home” at first and thought I might have my “mommy feelings” hurt with her bonding with another family, but it has been a wonderful experience. Since Becky moved in with Jaimee and Atlee and their family I have seen a great improvement in her attitude and behavior and she is so happy! I attribute much of this to having a stable environment, consistent staff, and good role models. It makes my heart feel good knowing she lives with a good Christian family that she truly likes, and she does not dread going back to the host home after a home visit with me. I believe Jaimee and Atlee are doing a wonderful job teaching her life skills, responsibility, and appropriate communication skills. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with everyone I have met and dealt with at Restoring Hope. You all are such a blessing! Thank you for ALL YOU DO!”

By Jennifer Martin, Mother of Becky Martin


“A love letter to Tonya and Patsy and everyone else who works to care for me in the company and the company of Restoring Hope. A great many years ago, I’d say about 51 years ago when I was seven, I believe I developed PTSD from incidents of abuse in my family made more traumatic because I had aspergers.  I was having nightmares and greatly feared Satan would take me and put me in hell.  I regularly suffered beatings from a family member who I dearly loved and who blamed me for the vicious beatings he received regularly from our father.  I had no one to vent my anger and hate on but myself, so I ate my own anger and hate.  At that time I thought I had but one hope to protect me from Satan.  That one hope was to ask my beloved mother to help me talk to God.  However my mother refused to help me.  She said I had to learn to do that myself. It was as if the gates of hell had closed with me inside.  I honestly felt I had no hope whatsoever for my life. Eight years later still with no hope for all that time as the age of 15, I was in a bad accident with permanent damage to my left hip.  At the hospital I received strong narcotic pain shots thus introducing me to what I believed was my only way of feeling any hope, narcotic pain medicine.  And with my injury, I had what seemed to the doctors I sought out good reason to take narcotic pain medicine.  Now when I had surgery I needed narcotic pain medicine.  But I sought narcotic pain medicine almost all the time though I was not in pain most of the time.  I’ve really struggled with my addiction off and on for all of that 39 years until now. But now having lived in the loving atmosphere of Restoring Hope I have found hope in Jesus Christ.  But I have always had that hope staring me in the face and whispering in my ears but I couldn’t see or hear Christ until I had suffered enough and also been shown the love of Jesus Christ from you all.  So I thank God and you all from the bottom of my heart.  The name of this company is extremely accurate in saying what you do for with God’s help you have restored my hope.  God bless you and keep you in peace and love for ever. By the way I love you all too.”

Yours truly,

Paul Coulter